Teachers do not just teach, but also learn. Cliché, right? However, it’s true.

For me universities do not produce educators; students do. Do you agree with me?

Aspiring teachers learn and memorize idealistic theories of teaching. However, in practice all these theories are useless. What matters most is the teachers’ goal to let their students acquire the knowledge that their student’s want; to the extent of bending the ideals which they learned at the university. This goal fueled them to make use of all the resources that were not taught at universities but were provided by their students’ drive to learn. This learning through experience lasts longer than the learnings in the university.

Learned students produce learned teachers and vice versa. Having a student with the motivation to learn English makes teachers want to strive hard and make a better version of themselves; moreover having a student with a goal gives teachers a purpose of why they are teaching. Students teach teachers things that are not taught at any prestigious universities. Hence, teachers learn more while teaching.